The Forever Fix – Book Review

The Forever Fix: Gene Therapy and The Boy Who Saved It

The Forever Fix is an important book for anyone with a loved one, who has a degenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s or Multiple Sclerosis. Beyond being a wonderful background primer on what has happened within the area of gene therapy, The Forever Fix is also a great blueprint of how to move things forward in the area of specialized medical research. If you want to know how certain illnesses that have extremely small patient populations are able to accomplish so much, you have to meet the parents involved within The Forever Fix. Each one of these parents moved, or attempted to move, heaven and hell to help their children.

The author, Ricki Lewis, also is gifted in her ability to take an immensely complicated subject in The Forever Fix and make it completely approachable and easy to understand. By explaining the eagerness of a family to find a cure for their dying child, you get a much better sense of why things are done the way they are done. When you walk through a week of grueling tests on a child, you can understand why the child finally has a say in whether or not they can call “Uncle” and say they’ve had enough, even if the researchers feel they need more data.

Learn more about this amazing book, The Forever Fix, and why both you and those close to you, should read this book and pass it along by reading our complete book review in the Reading Room of ClassBrain’s Parent Teacher section.

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