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Ultimate Protection For Your Laptop – Otterbox Review

If your laptop is one of life’s essentials, then you should protect it from life’s less-than-kind elements. The Otterbox is an amazing computer case, capable of blocking Mother Nature, protecting your laptop from scratches, dings, dust, water, and pretty much everything else. The Otterbox is the James Bond of computer cases.

OtterBox logo

OtterBox logo

My recent investigation of the Otterbox for laptops was impressive. The Otterbox holds most 15″ laptops. I have a 15″ Macintosh Powerbook, and it fits comfortably in the case with their “standard bumpers” (little grippers that you adjust to snuggle your particular machine tightly into the case). If you have an older laptop that is excessively thick, then this case won’t work for you. Of course, that might be a sign that you need to upgrade to a new slimmer model. However, this would have fit my old black Macintosh laptop just as easily as my current model.

One apparent oversight in an otherwise exceptional design is the failure to plan for other computing essentials such as your power adapter. By shifting the bumpers all the way to the top of the case, I was able to make just enough room to fit my cord in a somewhat comfortable manner. However, because my power adapter is laying directly against my computer I plan to slip it into a drawstring bag to keep it from scratching my case.

The protective side of the Otterbox for laptops is where it really excels. I felt a little like James Bond as I sealed my computer into this airtight case. When you lock the latches, your computer is totally sealed away…nothing I can think of is going to get into this case. When you unlatch it, you can hear the vacuum release. It’s a surprisingly impressive little sound, and indicative of how well made this case actually is.

We recently lived through the wildfire season in Southern California once again and one of the fires came uncomfortably close. I have to admit that I was more than thrilled that my Macintosh Powerbook was happily locked away inside the Otterbox. Despite ash infiltrating home and office, my laptop was happily protected and ashfree.

All this protection does come with a small drawback… extra weight. Lifting the computer and case by the handle was much heavier than I would have liked. However, once I put the shoulder strap on, many of my concerns about the case’s weight disappeared. The Otterbox has a wonderful shoulder strap made out of neoprene which makes the case feel much lighter than it is. It is one of the most comfortable cases I’ve ever carried.

My only other issue with the Otterbox was the inability to carry anything in the case but my laptop. Perhaps I’m a bit of a throwback, but I usually have a notebook and a few papers of one sort or another that I usually carry with me. Using the Otterbox means that I have to carry a secondary backpack or case with me to handle my paperwork. That drawback took a bit of the shine off the case. Overall, the protection afforded by the Otterbox computer case probably outweighs the weight and lack of file room, but it would be nice to seem their company address at least one of the two issuesl

Anyway you slice it, I think the Otterbox is an excellent product. In a world where your warranty can be invalidated by a small ding in your case, it is important to protect your computer from the rigors of the day. There is no question that my computer notebook is safe in the Otterbox… now we just need an Otterbox accessory for my paper notebook.

To learn more about the Otterbox for laptops, please visit their website at

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