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U.S. Education Funding In Crisis Infographic

The following infographic is from our friends at bookPal, and gives us a very interesting look at how we undervalued our teachers.  Reach out and give a teacher a hand. Every bit helps.

Education in Crisis Infographic - courtesy of Bookpal

Education in Crisis Infographic – courtesy of bookPal


Transcript for the Education Funding in Crisis Infographic:

Two thirds of U.S. states cut funding for public education in the 2013-2014 school year.

Budget cuts increase class size, shrink teachers’ salaries, and risk quality education.

In 2013, 90% of school teachers in the U.S. spent $1000 of their annual salary on school supplies for their students or classrooms.

Total out-of-pocket teacher spending for classroom-related supplies adds up to 6.1 Billion a year nationwide.

General items, including paper and pens, top the list of materials not covered sufficiently by current budgets, followed by math and science tools, and reading material.

If teacher pay had risen in proportion to per-pupil spending since 1970, the average teacher would make more than $120,000 today.

1 in 7 public school teachers leave the profession after 1 year, half leave within 5.

High turnover of American teachers costs our country $7 Billion every year.

The average salary of a U.S. public school teacher is approximately $56K per year.

Help Save the Future of Education

Great teachers are at the core of a great nation.

They deserve more than an apple…

Whether it’s hosting a fundraiser for the PTA, volunteering time in the classroom or donating bulk school supplies, your assistance can go a long way. How will you help a teacher in need?

Source: Transcript by ClassBrain from an infographic by bookPal


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