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The Our White House Kids’ Inauguration Celebration Kit!

The The National Children’s Book and Literacy Alliance has put together a wonderful online kit for teachers to use to celebrate the inauguration of our new President of the United States of America. It has exceptional resources and it is highly recommended.

2012 inauguration photo- Courtesy of The White House

2012 inauguration photo- Courtesy of The White House

The Presidential Inauguration Celebration Kit!

In the kit you will find the following resources, and more, that can be used when exploring social studies related to the election of a U.S. President.

The Presidential Oath of Office

  • America Celebrates Its First Presidential Inauguration
  • The Oath of Office Signals the Transfer of Power
  • Washington’s Inauguration Established Long-lasting Traditions
  • To Swear or to Affirm?
  • Modern Inaugural Ceremony Highlights
  • Historical Moments
  • Tragedy Necessitates Speed and Improvisation
  • Reference Sources

Americans Love a Parade

  • President Washington Parades to the First Inauguration
  • Spontaneous Parades Make Way for Officially Planned Processions
  • Modern Traditions
  • Historic Moments Along the Parade Route
  • Reference Sources

Moving In, Moving Out: White House Transitions

  • Behind the Scenes—A Flurry of Activity
  • Planning Ahead Eases the Transition
  • Making the White House a Home
  • Personalizing the Oval Office
  • Beyond Paint and Furniture—Making it Comfortable!
  • Reference Sources

Inaugural Activities and Discussion Questions for Young People

  • Design a Parade Float!
  • Inaugural Art
  • Host an Inauguration Poetry Reading
  • Bibles and Relics: Connecting with Past Presidents
  • In His Words—Listening to the Inaugural Speech
  • Design the Oval Office
  • Host a Kids Inaugural Ball! Ideas and Activities!


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