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Lice Tracker

I have mixed feelings about this particular resource.  I suppose that it’s good to know if there’s been a report of lice in the area, although I’m not sure the cities listed are going to be too happy about being at the top of the charts for infested U.S. cities. Sometimes, however, I’m just not sure if I really want to know certain things.  Yeck!  But Mix has put together an interesting map that shows not only when there’s been reports through school nurses, but also when people in an area are buying their product.

Lice tracker

Lice tracker

Make sure that you take a look at the data breakdown to see the actual possibility of an outbreak in your area.  Just because someone bought Nix, it doesn’t mean someone in their home has lice.  I’ve bought it through the years to keep in my emergency kit.  The best indicator is probably the nurse reports.

If you do find lice and you don’t have Nix or an equivalent at hand, you can use Olive Oil or any other thick oil.  I had to do this with my daughter years ago.  You cover their hair in oil and then wrap saran wrap around their hair for about an hour.  This smothers the lice.  Then you can comb them out in the shower and thoroughly shampoo their hair a couple of times to get the rest of the nits out.  This was one of the ickiest things to deal with during childhood. Lice are really nasty little creatures.  However, the oil did work.  I picked up some of the medicine the next day and did a treatment just in case, but we didn’t find any other bugs after the oil treatment, and an extremely careful combing with a nit comb.

Good luck, although I hope you are fortunate enough never to have to deal with these awful little creatures.

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