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Granny’s Purse – Book Review

Granny’s Purse, a Review by Cynthia Kirkeby

Granny's Purse

Granny’s Purse

Granny’s Purse is a fun board book for kids.  It’s die cut into the shape of a purse and has various layers (pages) that the kids can flip through. On each layer, there are things for the kids to explore, like a mirror where they can look at themselves.

It would be interesting to compare what is actually in your purse, and explore it with your kids compared to what the author showed was in Granny’s Purse.  You might even want to give your daughter a little purse of her own where you can put a couple of fun things inside.

Granny’s Purse is not your usual board book. The shapes may be a little more challenging for some little kids to handle, but I think that most kids will really enjoy exploring the different shapes and items.

Granny's purse interior page

Granny’s purse interior page

Because of the unique format of the book, it is also constructed differently than the traditional board book.   It’s not as sturdy as a traditional rectangular book but the publishers did do a good job at putting in place some pretty solid construction techniques.  It should hold up to most things that I toddler will do to it, but I would keep my eye on it just in case and make sure that the page connectors don’t wear out.

What’s in your purse?

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