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Ben Loves Bear – Book Review

Ben Loves Bear

Ben Loves Bear

Ben Loves Bear by David McPhail is a board book that captures the wonderful relationship that takes place between so many of us and our stuffed animals.  I would say that it’s the relationship between a toddler and his or her stuffed bear, but I know so many kids of all ages who have had a stuffed animal that was more than just fabric and stuffing, including myself.

I bought my first stuffed bear when I was a young teen.  I had worked for a summer on Route 66 as a waitress and I had a layover in Vegas on my way home.  I spent a fair chunk of my hard earned money on a sweet stuffed bear that I named Casino Jack.  He was a constant companion in my room for years to come, and reading  this simple book on Ben and Bear, I was instantly transported back to my youth, when Casino Jack watched me draw the world, listened to me sing my songs, and  patiently waited for me when I was gone.   He made my dorm room seem a bit more friendly in college, and was there when my boyfriend and I broke up.

The illustrations in this book are wonderful, the colors are mellow and the characters make you smile.  The illustrator captures the delight and the special relationship between Ben and Bear.  The pictures never fail to elicit smiles and giggles

Ben Loves Bear - Interior pages

Ben Loves Bear – Interior pages

Ben and Bear may bring back memories of a special character for you as well; an inanimate furry little guy who was loved until he was going bald, and makes you smile… even today.  Share your memories with your child as you read them Ben and Bear, and take a moment to smile at the special friends children have in these fabric bundles of love.

Ben Loves Bear
Children's Book
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David McPhail
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on 2016-03-10

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