Winter Craft Ideas for Kids

Winter Craft Ideas for Kids

 Winter Coloring Pages/Posters
 Choose from 10 coloring pages or posters to print out.
 Source:  DLTK

 Winter Crafts
 Ideas for snowflakes, angels, wreaths and more are available for 

 holiday fun in the classroom or at home.  There�s an adorable handprint

 wreath, which we think makes a great classroom project.
 Source:  DLTK

 Billy Bear for Kids – Christmas Activities
 Check out Santa�s Post Office, and projects for Christmas Cards, Make

 a Snowman, Christmas Crafts, and more at this great site.
 Source:  Loraine�s Teddy Bear Collection

 Snowflake Patterns for Kids
 Every child should learn to cut snowflakes from paper for the holidays. 

 Through the years these paper cut outs have been an endless

 source of fascination for me. Print out existing patterns or learn �How

 to Create Your Own�.
 Source:  David Stredulinsky

 Wild Arctic Activities
 If you think winter is cold where you live, just think how cold it is in

 the Arctic!  Explore Arctic Explorers, Polar Picture Puzzle, Arctic Word

 Search, Arctic Adventure Maze, and more.
 Source:  Busch Entertainment Corporation

 Kids� Snow Page/Snow Activities
 Snow science, activities, art, literature, and food abound in this snow-

 related site. All the snow activities, as well as a reading list and the

 Binky puppet are available in one convenient Acrobat (pdf) document.