How To Avoid Plagiarism

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May 12, 2003

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Plagiarism is in the news with the announcement by the New York Times that one of their writers, twenty-seven year old Jayson Blair, was found to have plagiarized, lifted, and outright fabricated materials for his articles. So far the review has covered only the articles created since he started covering national topics in October of 2002. Of 73 articles, the reviewers found problems with at least 36 of them.

Plagiarism is a rampant problem the academic world. ItÂ’s therefore inevitable that the problem would bleed-over into the business world. How do you safeguard against plagiarism? The Staff at ClassBrain has assembled a set of resources to help students and teachers deal with this issue.

There are resources for students including guides explaining exactly what constitutes plagiarism and how to avoid it, as well as the following style guides: Research and Documentation Online, the Guide For Writing Research Papers Based on Modern Language Association (MLA) Documentation, the APA Style Guide Online, and the Hamilton College Style Sheet.


There are also special resources just for teachers. A guide that is specifically aimed at instructing teachers how to spot plagiarized materials is available, as well as an extensive list to Internet paper mills. With these tools and others available at ClassBrain, teachers and students alike will be better prepared to avoid the pitfalls of plagiarism.