ClassBrain: FIrst Class Tech on a Shoestring

December  2012

Contact: Cynthia Kirkeby

ClassBrain Migrates to New Content Management System
Each year large corporations spend millions of dollars on content management systems to handle their online articles and media. They use systems with installations topping million dollars. Obviously, these systems are out of the reach of young companies. When I started ClassBrain in 1998, we used a unique little CMS (Content Management System) called Article Manager, but through the years the company that created the system went different direction than we felt we needed.  How did ClassBrain migrate thousands of pages of content to a new system?

After searching the Internet high and low for a solution, I decided to test a number of open source systems. After installing copies of Drupal, Joomla, Silverstreak and WordPress, and putting them through their paces, WordPress was a clear winner.  The system was clean, user friendly, easy to modify, and incredibly well supported.   Over the last couple of years, despite a string of unfortunate injuries, Cynthia continued to test WordPress’ flexibility and extensibility.  Now with the start of 2013, she is working to finish the migration of thousands of pages of resources for K-College students and the people who support them.

WordPress has turned out to be a phenomenal choice as a platform for the education resources that ClassBrain supplies. The open source community that supports WordPress has created an elegant product with easy to use plugins and widgets that extend WordPress’ capabilities to allow for enormous customization. Stay tuned for the unveiling of the new  In the meantime….

Please forgive our dust as we work to finalize the transition of all of our files.  It’s a herculean job that I’m trying to make happen as smoothly as possible. So, please bear with me.



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