An Overview of ClassBrain

An Overview of ClassBrain

ClassBrain has evolved into a network of websites that supply supplementary resources for students, parents, and teachers. Currently, all of our materials have been extensively researched and created for PreK through Grade 12, as well as the special needs of parents and teachers. We also have select materials for college level students.

What will you find on



Pre-K through 3rd Grade

Special sections have been designed just for Pre-K to Kindergarten and 1st
to 3rd grades. Our Pre-K to Kindergarten section has been designed using a visual navigation system to accommodate pre-readers. Along with easy-to-understand visual clues, the navigation system in our 1st to 3rd Grade section introduces more written descriptions to accommodate young readers. Both
sections are separated into School Time, Play Time, and How To sections that are full of interesting materials for young minds.


Parent/Teacher Section

If you have felt in the past that, as a parent or teacher, you have been overlooked on the Internet, we’re hoping to change that feeling. We’ve introduced the ClassBrain section for parents and teachers. We’ve been busy finding
great resources, articles, lesson plans, and worksheets for you to use at home and at school. We even have places for you to contribute your own articles, lesson plans, ideas and tips. Check back often for the latest ideas and information.

Movies in the Classroom

An exciting new section within the Parent & Teacher section is Movies in the Classroom. Movies are a part of our everyday life. We go to the movie theater to see new films, we watch them on TV, and we buy our favorites on VHS or DVD. The amazing thing is that we are not using them in our classrooms as much as we could. Our children can learn from many movies that provide wonderful lessons. ClassBrain is building lesson plans based on these films. The best way to get a feel for what we are doing is to take a look through a few of the lessons. Look for great things to come in this section.

CB Teens

If you are a teen, CB Teens is the place to go to find stuff for school and after hours. We have all the information kids need to know from Junior High and beyond. The Subjects section covers everything for their classes: the best sites, best tools, and most interesting projects. A special section within Subjects is the Political Cartoons section. We have teamed up with Cagle Cartoons to deliver weekly current events projects based around the hottest political cartoons of the week. This is not to be missed!

Under School Matters, teens will find materials they need to ready themselves for college or to help them with special programs like the Academic Decathalon and Mock Trial.

After Hours is all about kicking back and relaxing. Find out about saving money, wearable styles, sports, movies, and more. This is a great place to learn and have fun!

State Reports

If you need extensive information on all 50 United States, you will find it in our State Reports section. Thousands of well-researched links to official government sites covering history, symbols, tourism, and many other interesting subjects can be found here. Students and teachers can also search relevant collections from the Library of Congress directly from our site. We have also created puzzles to exercise students’ knowledge of the 50 States. To assist students with their State Report projects, we have compiled useful worksheets and guidelines to help them along the way.

Country Reports

We’ve based our Country Reports section on the CIA Fact Book and edited it especially to make it student-friendly and accessible for school use. We have also assembled a great list of links for each of the countries! These links include national tourism sites, as well as links to information on history, people, holidays,
and other subjects. Information will be updated as our world changes.

Mission ReportsClassBrain Missions

By popular demand, we have recently introduced our Mission Report Section. We currently have a concise history on each of the California Missions available. In the upcoming months, we will be adding building layouts, photos, and “how to build your mission” tips.

The Freedom
The Freedom Files for Kids

Life in America, and all around the world, dramatically changed on September 11, 2001.

The Freedom Files are a celebration of America and its people. We have information on The Great Seal of the United States, patriotic activity pages for the kids, including a visual Pledge of Allegiance worksheet, and links to information on
the democratic system of the United States. All of us should learn more about this great country in which we live. What were the events that led up to September 11th and what do we need to do to protect ourselves today? We created the Freedom Files section to serve as an archive of what happened in America during this challenging time.

Holidays (ClassBrain’s Monthly Grab Bag)

This section is full of surprises! We designed mini lesson plans on various events happening throughout the year. You will find interesting lessons and worksheets on many seasonal topics, some of which are more obscure than others. Black History Month, George Washington, Halloween, Christmas, Chanukah, ‘Eid-ul-Adha, and National Poetry Month are just a few of the topics currently available. We are constantly adding to the list, so check back often.


We believe that learning can be fun, so we have included a games section on our site. Playing games on our site isn’t only fun, it’s educational too! We have action games, sports games, and strategy and board games just to name a few. All of our games are based in education, so whether it’s English,
language, strategic thinking, math, or visual acuity, the kids will be learning while they play.

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