Children’s Lunches – Creative Ways to Spice Them Up

Children’s Lunches –
turkey and avocado sandwich - image courtesy of Tossed.

turkey and avocado sandwich – image courtesy of Tossed.

Around this time of year we sometimes get into a bit of a rut on our kids lunches. In our house, when my kids were in school, we used to follow a modified version of the schedule that I did as a child. When I was little, once every 2 to 4 weeks, all of us kids (4 of us) would get together in the kitchen and prepare our lunches ahead for the next couple of weeks (or month). This usually consisted of sandwiches that we could make ahead and freeze, then we would take out whatever we wanted to eat the night before class, place it in our lunch bag, and by lunch the next day it was defrosted…usually.

With my kids, we tended to make lunches ahead for the coming week. This might include some containers with rice and chicken, or a sandwich, or a salad, but whichever sort of lunches we created, the grab and go choices in the refrigerator was a godsend in the morning.

tossed salad - image courtesy of Tossed

tossed salad – image courtesy of Tossed

I just posted up some great photos to go with an article that we posted a couple of months ago on creative ways to spice up kids lunches, and they looked so good, I thought it would be good to refresh your memory on them in case you missed it. Also, I’m a huge fan of dried cranberries in my salads and sandwiches, so if you haven’t tried it, you might want to use a few of the leftovers from Thanksgiving or buy some extra while you are making Christmas cookies, and try them in your lunch. It’s a little surprise of sweetness and tart together that livens things up.

Try something new. It’s always good to shake things up a bit, especially when it leads to healthier eating.

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