ClassBrain | Juno Explores Jupiter

On July 4th, 2016 the NASA Juno Exploratory Probe Arrived At Jupiter
20 Months of Exploration of this Amazing Gas Giant Will Be On-Going

After a journey to reach the solar system’s largest planet that took almost five years, NASA’s Juno spacecraft successfully entered Jupiter’s orbit.

“…what is more American than a NASA mission going boldly where no spacecraft has gone before? With Juno, we will investigate the unknowns of Jupiter’s massive radiation belts to delve deep into not only the planet’s interior, but into how Jupiter was born and how our entire solar system evolved.”
 – Charlie Bolden, NASA administrator 

The ClassBrain Mission Statement

Since 1998, ClassBrain has worked to bring you exceptional educational resource materials for kindergarten through college.  ClassBrain strives to engage students with unique materials that challenge them to learn, while making the process fun. ClassBrain Games, Movies in the Classroom, California Mission Reports, State Reports, Country Reports, the Freedom Files, Point of View Reviews, and so much more; are all designed lead students, and those who teach them, to explore the best of the world of education.


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The Internet Scout

This amazingly impressive site by ClassBrain, Inc. provides valuable educational resources for students, parents, and teachers. The site is equipped with various learning activities and games for students ranging from grade levels Pre-K to 12. In addition, this site contains information on world countries and US states. Both the country and state reports are arranged in alphabetical order and provide data on history, statistics, maps, geographical information, government, economy, and much more. This site is a breath of fresh air for those parents and teachers discouraged by the plethora of untactful Internet sites currently accessible to children. 

Internet Scout, Wisconsin University

Teacher’s First

– About ClassBrain Games-  This is a site specializing in family friendly interactives for kids and families. All are categorized for easier finding – categories include beginner games, brain games, holiday games, and more. At the time of this review, there were 28 pages of interactives! There are also many academic categories such as math, science, social studies, and problem solving activities. No signup or user information is required. This site does have some minor advertisements.

—Teacher's First

The Librarian’s Internet Survival Guide

If you have a state report due, visit here first.  ClassBrain provides maps and links to state sites, and carries interesting lore for each congressional district. Print handsome templates to give a polished look to your report.

Irene E. McDermott

In Print…

ClassBrain has been recommended in numerous books, including:

  • Building Family, School, And Community Partnership – By Kay Wright, Dolores A. Stegelin, Lynn Hartle
  • Eat, Nap, Play: How to Get Even More Out of Your Child’s Day for Less –  By Robyn Spizman, Evelyn Sacks
  • Neck and Neck to the White House: The Closest Presidential Elections, 1796-2000 –  By Robert E. Kelly
  • Pencils Down!: A Forty-Five Year Teaching Odyssey – By Paula Greene
  • Hip to the Trip: A Cultural History of Route 66  –  By Peter B. Dedek
  • The Exercise Balance – By Pauline Powers, Ron Thompson
  • The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook: From Cauldron Cakes to Knickerbocker Glory – By Dinah Buchotz
  • The Common Sense SAT Workbook –  By Jon C. Freeman
  • Writing to Explore: Discovering Adventure in the Research Paper – By David Somoza, Peter Lourie
  • – and numerous others…..